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403 Warren Blvd
Broomall, PA 19008

(484) 620-5243

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Founded 2015

Organic Soil-less medium:

GAPS EcoSys is distributing nature friendly products company located at Broomall, Pennsylvania. We are a Pennsylvania based small business and our products are made up of Coconut pith (Coco peat) from the coconut (natural sources). Coco peat is superior plant growing medium and is a substitute to peat moss! Coco peat is 100% environmentally friendly and respected as an organic renewable resource.

Coco peat is used for seed starting, bedding plants, vegetable gardens, hydroponics, potted plants, Golf Course and greens, new lawns, high grade potting mixes, green houses, super charges flower gardens, improves rose cultivation, great for orchid bedding, re-planting, mushroom farming, garden beds, all kinds of landscaping, and general horticulture purposes.

The properties of Coco peat are resistant to bacterial and fungal growth. The porous structure and lightweight high water holding capacity of Coco peat promotes root penetration and vigorous growth.

Products: GAPS Coco Block GAPS Coco Brick GAPS Grow Bag GAPS Coco Disc GAPS Mulch Mat

Animal Bedding:

Our GAPS Animal bedding is a completely homogeneous material, natural, organic, eco-friendly, composed of millions of capillary micro-sponges, which provide a cushiony comfortable bed, locked-in moisture and odors while keeping animals clean. GAPS Coco is designed to be the most versatile, durable bedding on the market, suitable for the widest range of animals of any animal bedding.

The features are: * Coco-peat has a better absorption rate. * Removed used Coco-peat can be re-used directly for the crop production as a soil conditioner in farm fields. * Coco Peat is resistant to bacterial and fungal growth. * Coco-peat absorbs odors within the livestock. * Coco-peat brushes off the livestock faster.

Our GAPS Coco products are approved by Organic Material Review Institute (OMRI) USA for organic use.