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Franklin supervisors clear the way for approval of MS4 permit plans

04/23/2019 11:40AM ● By J. Chambless

By John Chambless
Staff Writer

The Franklin Township Board of Supervisors continued to grapple with the requirements of the Municipal Separate Storm Sewer system permit at their April 17 meeting.

The permit that the township is required to submit to the Department of Environmental Protection has been on the agenda for several months. The last permit application submitted by the township was rejected, and an extension was granted until June 15.

At last month’s meeting, the supervisors recommended adding tree planting as a solution to reduce stream pollutants. Township Manager Joan McVaugh estimates that the tree planting would cost about $50,000, with two years of initial maintenance.

McVaugh explained that if the trees are planted to allow for mowing in both directions, vines and invasive species won’t be as much of an issue. The supervisors authorized the advertising of the MS4 permit plans for a public review period through June 19, with approval by the supervisors expected at their June 19 meeting.

A hard copy of the plans is available at the Township Office. Public comments will be received via email (, or in person.

The fate of the vacant home at 3327 Appleton Road in Kemblesville rests with the Court of Common Pleas, and township solicitor Mark Thompson told the board that a decision should be forthcoming this summer. The entire zoning officer’s report is posted on the township website.

The first official joint Historical Commission and Historical Architectural Review Board meeting was held on April 2. Chairman Paul Lagasse explained that a lot of the topics discussed by these two commissions overlap, so it made sense to try and combine the meetings. The voting process is separate.

The annual reports were approved for submittal to the Board of Supervisors. The meeting reviewed the 896 Improvement Plans and the walkability of the Village District. The Section 106 Evaluation of Historic Properties is coming to an end and is expected to finish in mid-May, when the response period to PennDOT's report on the possibility of a rural historic district along Route 896 ends.

The Historical Commission will begin doing deed research on the Church Hill African Cemetery in the coming months. The finalization of the Historical Resources Map of the township, which will include several updates, will also happen in the coming months.

The supervisors also discussed the township comprehensive plan. Supervisor Nancy Morris met on April 10 with three members of the Chester County Planning Commission and three representatives from the township. The meeting detailed the path forward on how to ensure the township’s comprehensive plan aligns with Chester County’s newly adopted comprehensive plan, Landscapes 3. County representatives can help the township beginning next month. The township can apply for a grant to offset the costs.

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