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Uncle Irvin: Backspace

01/07/2019 03:16PM ● By J. Chambless

By Irvin S. Lieberman (a.k.a. Uncle Irvin)

Most of you will read these words when I am gone.

As I turn 82, I feel that time is near -- probably not tomorrow, but soon. My physical illnesses are many, but I am not yet having pain, which puts me in the “very lucky” category.

The past several months have been used to reflect on my life. I am most proud of my family -- a great lady in wife Judy; two fine gentlemen for sons, Andrew and Randall; four grandchildren at the beginning of adulthood; and my great-granddaughter, Violet.

My career in newspapering was a “buzz,” giving me both satisfaction of accomplishment, but also financial success. The thorn in my side has been the massive deterioration of America The Beautiful and the gross dishonesty of our elected and appointed officials. I no longer trust any of them.

A part of my career in newpapering was “telling as it is,” and that trait brought me libel suits – by politicians, mostly. My spirit in publishing these stories put my financial path in jeopardy, and I had to give it up, except for my Uncle Irvin opinion columns.

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