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A Democrat newcomer to Franklin Board of Supervisors

11/14/2017 10:27AM ● By J. Chambless

By John Chambless
Staff Writer

Political newcomer Nancy Moshel Morris was part of the Democratic tide in the Nov. 7 elections, taking a seat on the Franklin Township Board of Supervisors away from longtime supervisor Penelope Schenk by a vote of 830 to 628.

Late last week, Morris was asked about her goals in her new position, and she responded to these questions:

What are the main township issues you would like to address when you take your seat on the board?

I believe the township is at a crossroads. There will be increasing pressure as the Route 1 corridor expands out to Nottingham. Pressure for development is going to increase and we need to be prepared. I believe that development brings tremendous burdens to a township such as Franklin. We have very limited infrastructure to handle more homes or any significant commercial development. There are no major thoroughfares in our community. Anyone who drives on 896 (our largest road) knows it is already at its capacity in terms of traffic. We have challenges in keeping our roads in good shape with our current population and we need to allocate spending in the coming years on road and bridge repairs. More homes also bring higher school taxes. I do not want to see the elderly pushed out through unchecked growth.

When is your first meeting?

My first official meeting will be on Jan. 2, when the board has its annual organizational meeting. After that, board meetings are held monthly, although I am sure there will be many additional meetings in between. I am looking forward to meeting the township staff and to sit down with the current board members to gain their perspectives.

Given the history of Republicans winning races in Chester County, were you surprised at the overall results on Nov. 7?

I worked hard to meet as many voters as I could before the election. I understand our township tends to be predominately Republican and I wanted to help people understand that I have the same concerns they have: Managing costs and keeping our area rural. I believe my concerns made sense to the people I talked with. On Nov. 7, I wasn't sure what would happen. I only knew that I had done my best to talk to as many residents as I could to understand their views and to share my thoughts and ideas with them.

I also had an inspiring team of supporters behind me -- people from different parties and backgrounds. They were wonderful. Throughout the campaign, they provided me with their guidance, insights and the occasional pep talk. Some people gave up time every week to walk through neighborhoods with me. I know they did this at the expense of watching their kids' soccer games, family time, etc. I am truly grateful to them.

What contributed to the results?

Everyone who supported the campaign or I met shares a common passion for open space. We live in Franklin Township because we don't want to be hemmed in by too many people or houses. Whether you like to hunt, bike, run, horseback ride, walk with your dog or just drink coffee from your deck, Franklin Township is a hidden gem in Chester County. Although I know each of us has a different perspective, our shared beliefs brought us together on election day.

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