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Uncle Irvin: Property tax bills are on the way

06/20/2017 02:10PM ● By Richard Gaw
Come early July, you will get a piece of mail at your home or business.
You will note that the piece of mail resembles a computerized bill. That's what it is -- a bill for your 2017-18 property taxes from your public school system. Chances are that this bill will be higher than any other year, by about 2 to 3 percent. You will get this bill whether or not you have any children at all, or have 10 children. You may be 85, living alone in the family homestead, or 45 in a million-dollar mansion.
This bill will probably have the least amount of state aid ever. The state of Pennsylvania is broke – $3 billion or more over the 2016-17 budget limits.
Chances are 100 percent that you are being asked to pay too much by bleeding-heart school board members set on excellence – at the expense of reasonable costs. Also to blame are our careless County Commissioners, who have failed to reassess county real estate to assure parity -- a violation of the state constitution.
Have a great summer!

(Uncle Irvin's column is his opinion only, and is not a news story.)