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Political intrigue and a murder in Kennett Square

08/01/2016 08:59AM ● By J. Chambless

Signs will be posted around town for the Aug. 5 Murder Mystery Art Stroll.

By John Chambless
Staff Writer

There's murder afoot once again in Kennett Square during the annual Murder Mystery staged by members of the Kennett Amateur Theatrical Society. In this case, murder is all in good fun, and visitors during the First Friday Art Stroll on Aug. 5 can talk to costumed characters around town who may, or may, not help find the killer, beginning at 6:45 p.m.

Each year, the Murder Mystery has a different story line, and this year's back story is particularly rich.

John Walker Goodluck is preparing to see his dream of a viable third party presidential bid for the first time since Teddy Roosevelt’s Progressive Party in 1912. After winning the largest lottery jackpot is U.S. history a decade ago, Goodluck had used his winnings to build a national organization that is now prepared to run candidates for local and statewide offices in all 50 states, 200 congressional house and senate races, and even to put forth a credible presidential candidate.

With the negative ratings of the major political parties running at an all-time high, the American Mushroom Party (AMP) is ready to burst forth at all levels. Delegates that have been chosen at state caucuses and conventions have begun arriving in Kennett Square to select the party’s presidential nominee.

The process has drawn a curious array of contenders: Celebrities with political ambitions, also-rans in the major party presidential contests, professional civil servants and former generals, and several business tycoons. The national press is preparing to cover the AMP convention proceedings in a way that third party contenders have never before experienced. The streets of Kennett will be swelled with AMP party delegates, aspiring candidates, members of the media, and potential campaign contributors.

John Walker Goodluck has been floating on air for weeks. And then, on the eve of the convention, tragedy has stuck. Goodluck has been found in the Genesis Walkway, dead from an apparent blow to the head. It will be up to the good citizens of Kennett Square to investigate and bring the culprit to justice.

If you decide to take part in the lighthearted whodunit, you can follow the clues, interview the suspects, and place your bets on the culprit. There will be suspects lurking in the stores and on the streets, so keep your eyes and ears open for clues. If you get stumped, you can always buy a clue from a Shady Character, adding to the immersive fun of the event.

Stores and galleries will be open with special deals during the Art Stroll, and the many downtown restaurants will be waiting to welcome you for a whole night of strolling and sleuthing.

Participants in the free Murder Mystery Art Stroll will pick up a map with participating locations, general suspect information, and worksheet from the detective in the Genesis Walkway (101 E. State St.). Participants will investigate the murder by determining holes in suspects' stories by using the questions, answers, and clues provided by the detective, murder suspects, and suspicious characters. Suspects, denoted by costumes and potential murder weapons, will be stationed at various participating locations in downtown Kennett Square. Additional suspicious characters will walk around town with clues available for purchase. Proceeds benefit the Kennett Amateur Theatrical Society.

Winners will be randomly selected and awarded prizes at the end of the evening. Participants do not have to be present at the 6:45 p.m. improvisation to participate in the mystery.

For more information, call 610-444-8188 or visit

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