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Uncle Irvin: Does more mean better?

11/03/2015 01:42PM ● By Richard Gaw

Looking at the Nov. 3 municipal election, it seems to me that a record number of new candidates are eager to be a supervisor, borough council member or school board member. There seem to be candidates challenging each other for every open seat.

One would tend to look at these statistics and come away with the conclusion, like Washington and Harrisburg, that the general public is not satisfied with the accomplishments of their local leaders and are demanding change. Americans need to shed their thin skins and throw out non-achievers – now more than ever.

Whether you support Donald Trump or not, his opinion is that a large majority of our elected officials and candidates are really not qualified for service because of a lack of mental quickness and intelligence.

Concerned citizens need to spot the dull-witted and keep them from taking office, too.

Southern Chester County did its thing on Tuesday. Let's hope the results pan out for better government.

(Uncle Irvin's column is his opinion only, and is not a news story.)

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