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Uncle Irvin: Real estate tax deadbeats balance grows

07/28/2015 02:59PM ● By Richard Gaw

It's that time again when the office of the Chester County Sheriff publicly lists for sale your friends and neighbors who cost you and me higher taxes by not bothering to pay their fair share on time and wait for the hammer to drop.

The 10 largest deadbeats in Southern Chester County are:

    1. Edward V Stout Jr and Jacqualynn M, Pennsylvania Ave, Avondale, $100,938.00

    2. Applebrook LLC, Market St, Oxford, $76,253.82

    3. Fred Scannapieco & Lisa, Commerce Blvd, Penn Twp, $75,174.53

    4. Antonio Vasquez, New London Rd, London Britain, $39,925.60

    5. Leo F Hussey and Betsy C, Peacock Lane & Pool, Kennett, $31,447.62

    6. Headley Bros LLC, Baltimore Pike, East Nottingham, $29,382.06

    7. Wyndom Enterprises LLC, Baltimore Pike, London Grove, $23,293.22

    8. Donald C & Linda Cox, Spear St, Oxford, $21,988.65

    9. Charles Wood and Pamela, Log House Rd, Upper Oxford, $21,631.80

    10. Rita Orozco, Broad & Apple, Kennett Square, $20,978.73

Special Mention Deadbeat Landlords

Landlords have a fiduciary responsibility in segregating the property tax portion they pass on to their tenants as part of their monthly rent payments. Some are very ethical about this responsibility while many are not. For example, the premises on East Linden Street in Kennett Square is owned by David H Pryce a professional landlord. Pryce owes over $10,000 in property taxes which he has collected from his tenants accruing interest in his bank account while not paying already collected property taxes. This is especially reprehensible behavior.

(Uncle Irvin's column is his opinion only, and is not a news story.)

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