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Oxford Borough Council discusses finances, speeding on Mt. Vernon Street

04/23/2015 12:17AM ● By Steven Hoffman

Council member Gary Tozzo, who serves on Oxford Borough’s Finance and Budget Committee, reported at the April 20 council meeting that after the first quarter, the borough’s annual finances are in pretty good shape. Tozzo said that revenues are a little higher than at the same point last year and expenditures are down slightly.

“Spending is in line, if not down a little bit,” Tozzo said, noting that overall expenditures are about $30,000 less than at this same point last year.

Similarly, the borough's water fund is also in line with the performance at this same time last year.

Dr. Phillip Merrill, an independent scholar from Baltimore, Maryland who is doing consulting work for The Lincoln University told Oxford Borough Council about his effort to develop a Civil Rights Tour to highlight the history and heritage of the university.

Merrill said that he is meeting with various organizations throughout the Oxford area to build support for the project. He is doing a series of videos about the history of the university and the impact that some of its alumni have had.

“This is not a one-dimensional effort,” Merrill explained. He said that the Oxford area was well ahead of the curve when it came to Civil Rights, and he wants to make people more aware of the heritage and legacy of The Lincoln University.

Merrill said that he is arranging for a group from Harford County, Maryland to take a tour of the town on Monday, June 20. This is just the first of several tours that will be held to coincide with the overall project.

Oxford Borough Council discussed purchasing miniature speed boards on Mt. Vernon Street. This is in response to complaints that too many motorists speed on that street, jeopardizing the safety of the residents of the residential neighborhood.

Council member John Thompson said that he thinks just making motorists aware of how fast they are going would be beneficial, and the miniature speed boards would do that. The signs would be portable, and could be used at other problem areas in the borough, he said.

Tozzo said that speed boards might make people aware that they are speeding, but it won’t actually calm the traffic speeds.

“I think this might help, but it’s not a fix,” said Tozzo, who added that he wants the borough council to move forward with a planned traffic study for Mt. Vernon Street.

Council member Randy Grace said that while the signs might not be a fix, it will slow down the motorists who are exceeding the speed limit by a small margin. Having police enforce the speed limit might help, Grace said. But mayor Geoff Henry pointed out that that might produce results in the short term, but as soon as the police stop the constant enforcement, motorists will go right back to speeding.

Jerome Rodio, the owner of J & K Slightly Touched, offered a suggestion to use a large speed sign that Oxford has so that motorists are encouraged to reduce their speeds.

Council member Paul Matthews announced that there are two upcoming events to benefit the Eli Seth Matthews Foundation. On May 2, there will be a fundraiser that includes food, raffles, and a silent auction. Then, on May 9, the annual 5K run and walk is taking place.

Council member Randy Teel offered a reminder that the annual Memorial Day Parade will take place on May 25. Staging begins at 9 a.m. with the parade kicking off at 10 a.m.

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