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Little A Takes Second Trip to South Carolina

04/16/2015 04:02PM ● By Kevin

9-year-old Alex Collins. Photo courtesy of Facebook

This week during Spring Break, West Chester's 9-year-old Alex Collins (or Little A for short) returned to Chester County, South Carolina, for a hunting and fishing excursion with Alex Underwood (Big A), the county's sheriff. It was his first ever boat ride and he will return again soon, according to The Herald.

Original Story as Appeared on Chester County PRESS:

On Dec. 29, 9-year-old Fern Hill Elementary student Alex Collins will finally learn to hunt. However, his dreams could never have become a reality if it was not for two sheriff's with big hearts.

Alex found out about a contest for a chance to spend a day hunting and fishing with a Chester County Sheriff through Facebook. He, along with his mom and fourth grade teacher, wrote letters to the sheriff's office. Alex's ended by saying “I really want to go hunting with you. I don’t have anyone to teach me. It’s just me and my mom, and she’s too sick to do stuff … I think you are really nice to do this. I hope you pick me to go.”

Bunny Welsh. 
Photo courtesy of

 The only problem was when Alex sent his letter to the office in West Chester, Sheriff Carolyn “Bunny” Welsh and her staff had no idea what contest he was talking about.

Alex's mom, Leslie, said he 
left the office crying, but Chief Deputy George Marsh at the sheriff's office here in Pennsylvania did some research to find Sheriff Alex Underwood, who was the man offering the day of hunting and fishing in Chester County... South Carolina.

Welsh knew Underwood as she mentored him as a rookie sheriff. When she picked up the phone to see what could be done, Underwood made no hesitation. "Little A," as they called him, would get his wish.

He'll meet "Big A" (Underwood) in South Carolina on Dec. 29 on a trip paid for by March and other deputies. This will be Little A's first time flying and he's excited to be receiving his holiday wish.

Chester County S.C. Sherrif Alex Underwood, who helped make a Chester County, Pa boy's wish come true. Photo courtesy of Facebook.


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