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Cedar Waxwing Spotted in Oxford

03/20/2015 08:01PM ● By Randi Renfroe

Angry Bird?

 As I sat in my car, I noticed eyes watching me. Upon first sight, I was not sure what type of animal this was, as it peered at me from the bush outside of my work.   I was glad I chose to come into work on this beautiful Sunday.  Had I not, I would not have had the pleasure of seeing these beautiful birds.   I thought they were some weird looking cardinal at first glance, or perhaps a finch of some kind. I did an online search and found them to be Cedar Waxwings.  Usually found in flocks, there were only five in this group.  They didn't take their eyes off of me while I snapped shot after shot.  Then, all at once, they flew away-- maybe never to be seen again, at least by me.

Right place right time: Had I shown up at work 10 minutes earlier or later, I could have gone the rest of my life without ever seeing one of these amazing creatures.  The fish were also pleased I made it into work after hours to clean their tanks.

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