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Kennett Township unveils new sidewalk and trails map

02/24/2015 02:56PM ● By Richard Gaw

At the Feb. 18 Kennett Township Board of Supervisors meeting, Township Manager Lisa Moore introduced a comprehensive map that provides detailed description of all sidewalks and trails located in the township.

Developed by the township's sidewalk and trails committee and township landscape engineer Tom Comitta, the map includes 25 miles of existing, regional, township, and privately-owned and publicly-owned trails; trails owned by the Land Conservancy for Southern Chester County; and public and privately-owned sidewalks that wind their way through the township; and proposed trails and sidewalks. Sixty percent of the trails and sidewalks are privately-owned, Moore said.

The map will be included on the township's website, and will also be available at the township building.

In other township business, the board approved text changes to amend a township zoning ordinance that permits the construction of apartments in the township's business park districts.

Attorney John Jaros, on behalf of Stanab, LP, owners of the Blevins and Winters properties in the township, presented the request, which asked the board to consider amending current ordinances, in order to permit apartments in the township's business park zoning district, as well as make amendments to parking requirements in apartment complexes.

The property, owned by Stanab, LP, comprises 14.5 acres, and is located just to the north of Millers Hill Road and to the west of the Exelon Corporation corporate offices in the township. Jaros said that Stanab, LP proposes to build a 175-unit apartment building on the property. Jaros said that negotiations with the township began last May, when these plans were discussed with the township's planning commission, its planning comprehensive plan review committee and its supervisors.

"The current zoning on the property does not permit apartment use," Jaros said. "We therefore submitted a petition for text amendment to the township's zoning code on Nov. 25, 2014, to propose adding 'apartment use' to the business park definition, as a conditional use, along with other design standards."

Under the terms of the amended provisions, apartments will now be permitted to be constructed "at a maximum density of 12.5 dwelling units per acre, on tracts of 10 acres and greater, with a direct access to two more more public streets."

The maximum building height will be raised to 48 feet for apartments, and the maximum length of a multi-family building will now be 160 feet. If multi-family buildings can incorporate variations in the facade of the building of at least two feet in depth every 50 feet to 100 feet, then the maximum building length can be extended to 300 feet.

Under the stipulations of the amended agreement, apartment units must comply with applicable design standards spelled out in the township's subdivision and land development ordinance.

Finally, a minimum of two and one-half parking spaces must be provided for each unit of a single-family and two-family apartment.

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