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Crime is knocking on your door

11/06/2014 01:52PM ● By Lev

By Uncle Irvin


If you live in southern Chester County or moved here years ago for bucolic peace, and you think that crime only happens in urban areas, you are living in la la land.

Uncle Irvin has lived in southern Chester County for 43 years, and my wife and I are very concerned about the increase in burglaries, assault and battery, drugs, DUIs, etc., right here where we live.

If you live in a township that relies solely on the state police or does not have 24/7 police protection, you are only fooling yourself. The state police response time at any given hour of a 24-hour day averages 30 minutes from a 911 call to an actual response. The fact is, southern Chester County has far less state police at the Avondale barracks on a per capita basis than 30 years ago!

Nobody wants any more property tax millage, but one has to separate the need for police protection versus the public schools, which suck up the lion's share of property taxes. The tax money for security has nothing to do with public school property taxes.

Kennett Township, New Garden Township and Kennett Borough are right now exploring a regional police force, which residents in these municipalities should embrace. Residents in other municipalities that are growing -- like London Grove, East Marlborough, Franklin, and East Nottingham -- ought to wake up their supervisors before they become victims!

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