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Lawrence has led by example

10/29/2014 08:41PM ● By Lev


Letter to the Editor:

 For four years, John Lawrence has served our community in the State House of Representatives with distinction.  Now, with one week to go before election day, John's opponent has come out with misleading information that attempts to paint him as a reckless spender.  That is simply not the case, and the facts prove it.

 For far too long, legislators have granted themselves a gravy train of perks and privileges at taxpayer expense.  This is wrong, and John leads by example in refusing to participate.

 For example, did you know that many state legislators take "per-diem" payments every day they are in the Capitol, yet there is no requirement to submit receipts to show how they spent the money?  Legislators on both sides of the aisle abuse this system by reaping tens of thousands of state dollars in tax-free payments to pad their salaries.  John Lawrence has repeatedly called for this practice to end immediately, and he leads by example, declining over $17,000 in per-diems over the past two years.  John submits receipts for all expenses, just like everyone in the private sector.  

 For years, legislators drove state-paid cars while talking on state-paid cell phones.  This was wrong, why should the taxpayers foot the bill for this?  No one else gets a taxpayer funded automobile to drive around.  John Lawrence has never driven a state car, and has never charged the taxpayer for his cell phone. 

 In addition, John has declined the state pension afforded to legislators.  As the private sector moves to 401(k) plans, state employees continue to enjoy a generous taxpayer funded pension.  Again leading by example, by declining the pension, John is saving the taxpayer money both now and in the future.

 Finally, unlike many other Senators and Representatives, John posts all expenses of the office online for anyone to review.  That is the type of accountability we need to see more of in government.

 To my knowledge, John's opponent has not taken any position on these issues.  If elected, will Ann Schott take the per-diems?  Will she take a legislative pension?  Will she drive a state car?  Take a state cell phone?

 Elections are about choices, and John Lawrence has proven he makes fiscally responsible choices as an office holder.  He has my support on Nov. 4.

 Mike Mooney

London Grove Township

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