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Teachers' unions tenure gutted

09/17/2014 07:21PM ● By Lev

Teachers' unions all over the United States are fighting back against a California legal ruling that gutted tenure laws and seniority provisions. The New York State Attorney General also filed a similar lawsuit.

Teachers' union critics, including Uncle Irvin, say tenure and seniority rules protect longtime teachers who are ineffective, while more proficient ones, with less experience, face layoffs first.

This movement appears to be gaining steam all over the U.S. In Pennsylvania, it is up to the General Assembly and the Governor to pass legislation to do away with existing tenure and seniority regulations, as well as the contract-mandated provision that forces school districts to deduct and remit to the unions teacher dues, even though some teachers are not members of the union. All these issues can also be litigated, which was the case in California and New York.

All teachers' unions, including the NEA/PSEA federation, are pushing back against these rulings by using their significant lobbying clout with politicians. All the more reason for a lawsuit resolution which will be relatively immune to political pressure.

Uncle Irvin is ready to support such legislation or lawsuit in Pennsylvania.

Bring it on!


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