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Ann Schott has courage to challenge Lawrence

09/10/2014 04:45PM ● By Lev

Letter to the Editor:

I am a proud supporter of Ann Schott. Ann is a candidate for the Pennsylvania State House of Representatives, challenging John Lawrence in the area that represents much of Avon Grove, Oxford and Octorara School Districts. Two years ago I supported Ann’s husband as he attempted to run for the same seat and lost a very close race despite being dramatically outspent. My wife and I have both proudly placed signs on our cars that say “Ann Schott for State Representative.” We have known Ann for many years and our continually impressed by her thoughtfulness for others and how hospitable she is to people of all points of view. Having a sign in support of Ann has also elicited three common questions from friends and neighbors that I feel others in the community might also have and I would like to address them.


1.Why is Ann Schott running and not her husband?

Two years ago many people were inspired by Ann’s husband but there has been a groundswell of support from the community for a female candidate.  Ann brings the same background as her husband of being a 30-year-plus public school teacher but also brings her own unique talents to the race to defeat an incumbent who has supported Governor Corbett’s drastic attacks on schools and forced local property taxes to rise.


2. How can Ann Schott win a voting district that has been redrawn to be an even safer seat for Rep. Lawrence?

She has courage and motivation in that she is not fazed by being considered the underdog. Ann Schott has support from voters who are not satisfied with the status quo and attacks on the schools of their children.  There are many voters who just look at the name of the political party of the candidate before they vote but that is starting to change in our local area as noted by last year’s school board elections. Many voters were quoted as saying “We could care less if you are a Republican or a Democrat just don’t mess with my kids’ education!” A victory for Ann Schott would send notice to the entire state and both major political parties that the threat of cuts to a child’s education unites all people, regardless of party.


3. How can Ann Schott win when just two years ago her husband was dramatically outspent not just by Mr. Lawrence, but from outside groups?

We need to hope that people will not be influenced by money or by fear. The Lawrence campaign has more money so voters will see their mailboxes stuffed with glossy mailers financed by groups with confusing names. Voters have to remember that most of Lawrence’s money comes from out of state special interests that care very little for the concerns of the average Pennsylvanian. Two years ago the polling leading up to the election indicated that the State Representative race was going to be a close finish. Local mailboxes started to fill up with attack post cards that were negative attacks meant to scare voters into not voting for a change. We need to urge voters not to be influenced by fear and to look at the facts and examine the issues for a position that is for a two year term.

Please give Ann Schott your consideration, stay informed and please vote. See you at the polls in November! 

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