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A rebuttal to column about Oxford's response to speeding in town

08/27/2014 06:22PM ● By Lev

Letter to the Editor:

I've been reading Uncle Irvin's column for quite a while. It is a work of fiction. He doesn't bother checking for facts before he writes his column. In his latest column, he states that the Oxford Police Department, the Mayor and the Borough are not doing anything about the speeding on Mt. Vernon Street. Not true.

First of all, the problem was just brought to the borough council within the last month. There has been increased police presence and tickets issued. The Oxford Police did the study after residents complained. Seems like the police are earning their salary. There are other measures being considered, too. If Uncle Irvin had read the column above his he would know that. I might add that the residents came to the last Borough Council meeting to thank borough officials for acting on the problem. Uncle Irvin is not a resident on Mt. Vernon Street nor does he attend council meetings, so where does his information come from? He states in one column that Oxford does not need a police force, and in another that the State Police do not have the manpower to police Oxford. Which one is it Uncle Irvin? There are only two choices, and it seems like you don't know which one to choose.


Jerome A Rodio

Business Owner and member of various committees in Oxford


Uncle Irvin replies: Uncle Irvin never said that Oxford did not need a police force. I have said many times that Oxford cannot afford their present police force. Uncle Irvin is not writing fiction when he states that Oxford Borough's millage rate of 12 mills is 25 percent higher than Kennett Square Borough and the highest rate of any municipality in Chester County -- largely because of a police force they cannot afford. Mr. Rodio should talk to other business owners, like Jack Baron, about speeding that occurs in town.


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