Friends and fans know to expect just about anything at a Los Festingos show, and the band is preparing a special event on June 13 at the Kennett Flash to celebrate the release of their second CD, “Aquaculture Is Not a Game.”

The band, which has roots in West Grove, features Sam Kwietniak (lead vocals and guitar), Tim Gould (bass, vocals), Christopher Boss Ruffini (drums, percussion), and Bucky Kellorgg (lead guitar).

The band's Facebook page hints at their musical diversity, saying, “We incorporate a wide range of styles: rock, folk, punk, jazz, bossa nova, country, blues, etc., etc., etc. Nothing is impossible with Los Festingos!”

Opening the show will be the Delaware duo Hot Breakfast at 7 p.m., with Los Festingos at 9 p.m. Tickets are $15. For tickets or more information, visit