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Chester County Press

Kudos to Lawrence for not supporting transportation bill

12/12/2013 06:59PM ● By ACL

Letter to the Editor:

Thank you, Representative John Lawrence for standing up for the tax payers and voting no to the huge Pennsylvania gas tax  increase.  John Lawrence knows that while this economy is trying to recover, higher prices at the gas pump are the last thing we need.  Pennsylvania will soon have the highest gas tax in the nation. 

 All drivers use the roads and bridges.  We know we need to pay for what needs fixing.  However, to ask drivers to pay  28 cents more per gallon plus higher registration fees so that Pittsburgh can have a new bike path or a new bus that we'll never use is just more taxation without representation.

Drivers in this area may go to Delaware or Maryland to avoid the tax hike.  But going out of Pennsylvania to buy gas will hurt our local gas station owners.  How are they supposed to compete with Delaware or Maryland gas prices?


B. Keene

West Grove