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Collett urges Pennsylvania Senate to act on paid leave

Pennsylvania Family Care Act (SB580) co-prime sponsor Senator Maria Collett joined fellow legislators, advocates, and stakeholders in the Pennsylvania State Capitol’s Main Rotunda to celebrate the re-introduction of the legislation and urge her colleagues to push the bill forward.

“Every working family should have the freedom to care for themselves and their loved ones without having to sacrifice their ability to afford basic necessities,” Sen. Collett said. “I have been reintroducing the Family Care Act since 2019, and I was thrilled to see the legislation advance in the Pennsylvania House under Speaker McClinton’s leadership. Now, it’s time for the Senate to do right by working Pennsylvanians and deliver paid leave to Governor Shapiro’s desk.”

Modeled after similar insurance funds already in place in other states, PA’s Family Care Act will allow all working Pennsylvanians to invest small deductions from their weekly earnings into an employee insurance program administered by the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry. This vital legislation will enable eligible workers to utilize the fund should they need to care for themselves or a close family member in the event of a serious health condition, care for a new child, or care for a member of the military in qualifying exigent circumstances.

During the press conference, Senator Collett spoke out in favor of the legislation among a distinguished group of advocates from across the Commonwealth, including Sen. Devlin Robinson, Rep. Dan Miller, Dan O'Brien, Children First and co-chair of Family Care Coalition, and Josie Badger, J. Badger Consulting, co-chair of Family Care Coalition.