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Kennett Township to eliminate several committees

03/06/2024 10:23AM ● By Richard Gaw

In an effort to consolidate Kennett Township’s internal operations, its Board of Supervisors unanimously approved a motion that will eliminate its Land Conservancy Advisory Committee (LCAC) and several other committees.

The board reached the decision at its Feb. 21 meeting.

The LCAC will be replaced with a contract with Brandywine Red Clay Alliance (BRCA), who will serve as the township’s primary land conservation agency. The vote also eliminated township committees in the areas of agricultural advisory, communications, community pride, deer management, indoor agriculture, safety and business advisory. 

Reading from a prepared statement, supervisor Pat Muller said that realigning the township’s internal systems was an effort to “streamline functions, find economies of scale and professionalize work that was loosely organized with varying degrees of accountability and oversight.” 

“In the past, resident-led committees were formed that acted in a variety of ways,” she said. “Some were formed by ordinance, and some were formed by resolution to act on behalf of the township and serve in the place of professional staff who at the time were not yet in place.

As government operations have become more professionalized, leadership felt that it was an appropriate time to review the various committees, their mandates, functions and efficacy, and eliminating redundancies where there was now staff coverage, consolidating functions where there was committee overlap an to provide consistent oversight where it was needed.

“The intended goal of such a review was to identify more focused and cost-effective to deliver the policy priorities as set by township supervisors that you, the residents, elected.” 

“I would like to thank each of you for your dedication to preserving open space and the Kennett environment that we all have come to treasure,” wrote LCAC Chairman Jeff Yetter in an email to his fellow members. “We have preserved over 400 acres in perpetuity including Barkingfield, Lord Howe and Spar Hill parks, the Case and Miller Farms and numerous smaller parcels. Your efforts have ensured that future generations will enjoy some of the beauty and landscapes that are reasons why we live in this beautiful Township.  

“I am quite sure that you join me in wishing that BRCA ’s efforts will continue to increase the preserved lands in Kennett.

While the board’s decision eliminates several committees, they also voted in favor of retaining the township’s Environmental Advisory Committee (EAC), its Trails & Sidewalks Committee, and its Historical Commission, which will all be re-formed.

Under the new guidelines, the supervisors will continue to set the policy agenda and assign duties and topics for all three groups, who will continue to serve as recommending bodies to the board and not have any final decision-making authority.

Additionally, these groups will provide an annual report of activity to the supervisors at public meetings and retain a staff liaison assigned by the township Manager. 

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