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Chester County Press

The Spell of Snow Quells Your Appetite  

01/24/2024 01:30PM ● By Marie-Louise Meyers

Christmas is a duty roster,
a flash in the pan
while winter is a frozen bouquet of marzipan
you can count on to change your plans.
Stunning to look at,
but always hovering between icy sleekness,
and slush till you long to see green lush again.
No matter the darkness dims,
snow has a light in it free-falling from the sky
while I delegate my skis
snow plows try to denigrate and violate my speed.
How innocent each snowflake seems
till we succumb to its numbness and dreams
with a forcefield of ever rising again.
How profound and deep
like an immaculate spell you come under
steeped in the rhetoric and promises to keep
and lays over the land like a soft commandment.