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Kendal~Crosslands Communities celebrates 50th anniversary

11/06/2023 11:09AM ● By Richard Gaw

Before a gathering of residents, staff, community members and elected officials, Kendal~Crosslands Communities celebrated its 50th anniversary on Oct. 26 at Kendal’s Longwood campus. 

“As we come together to celebrate 50 remarkable years of Kendal~Crosslands Communities, we reflect on the enduring spirit of our community and celebrate all we’ve been able to accomplish together,” said Lisa Marsilio, CEO of Kendal~Crosslands Communities. “We look forward to the next 50 years with a deep sense of gratitude, commitment and excitement for the impact our community will make in the field of aging and helping people to live their best lives.” 

In her remarks, Pennsylvania State Rep. Christina Sappey underscored Kendal~Crosslands’ invaluable contributions to the region over the past half-century. 

“Kendal~Crosslands Communities is a cornerstone of Chester County,” Sappey said. “The dedication and compassion that has guided them throughout the past five decades has both enriched the lives of residents and left a profound impact on the region.”  

Kendal at Longwood first opened its doors in October 1973 on the strength of a generous grant from the Philadelphia Yearly Meeting of Friends, and has over the last half century become one of the leading charitable organizations in the area, expanded its campuses to include Crosslands, Coniston, and Cartmel; completely renovated spaces to embrace state-of-the-art models and Montessori practices; adopted new technologies; and promoted lifelong learning opportunities through its dedication to an empowered community. 

Additionally, KCC boasts an accredited arboretum and the community’s commitment to preserving the natural environment has earned it recognition as a Certified Wildlife Habitat site by the National Wildlife Federation. 

Currently, Kendal~Crosslands is the home to more than 900 residents and the workplace for 600 employees. 

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