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Meet the Member: Lloyd Shetron Termite and Pest Control

10/06/2023 12:14PM ● By Haleigh Abbott

Lloyd Shetron Termite and Pest Control has been evicting pests from clients homes since 1986, servicing the tri-state area of Pennsylvania, Maryland and Delaware. The company, created by Lloyd Shetron, began with a love for the industry after taking an industry job in Havertown. “I worked for 4 or 5 other pest control companies before starting my own. I have a very A-type personality and I love meeting people and talking with people, so the more I was doing it the more I loved it.” explains Lloyd, remembering in detail his official company launch on April 1st, 1986 in Parkesburg, Pennsylvania.

Prior to that, Lloyd served two years in the Army as Military Police at Fort Meade in Maryland in 1969 during the Vietnam Era. Lloyd worked as base security and handled protests in Washington DC against the war. “We had to have a lot of spit-shine and polish to act as a good example of Military Police during those protests, and I still operate with that level of professionalism to this day. We are very professional, polite, thorough and responsive - I try to get back to my clients within 12-16 hours of them contacting me.”

After his service in the Army, Lloyd lived in the Philadelphia area taking odd jobs. He worked as a laundry delivery driver and a newspaper circulation manager, among other jobs. It wasn’t until he answered an employment ad in a newspaper while living in Haverford that he found his niche. The tight-knit industry has brought him friends and colleagues from all over the tri-state area, and they get to meet up at training and certifying events every few years.

Now a resident of Lincoln University, Lloyd has watched the area change and grow over time, and his clients as well. “It’s amazing, but I have generations of clients now that are adults and I serviced their parents when they were kids! I would get them following me around during visits, and now their own children follow me around!” It’s word of mouth and reputation that keeps Lloyd Shetron’s clients loyal. “The community has been a great help and I truly appreciate it. We have great reviews on FaceBook and people recommend us on message boards and word of mouth. I had one young lady call me as I was leaving a job at her friend's house who had recommended me before I left! So I told her I was on my way!” 

Lloyd likes to keep his business model simple and effective. He has one other employee besides himself to guarantee the best service and professionalism around. And while Lloyd looks forward to taking more time off for vacations in the future, his business will continue to provide the best in service for pest control needs. He prides himself on staying tech-savvy with social media and payments, accepting credit cards and Venmo for client services.

To contact Lloyd Shetron Termite and Pest Control, call or text him at 610-470-7287. You can also email him at [email protected] or visit the website at www.

Photo by Jim Coarse, Moonloop Photography