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Nella Naturals increases production of hand sanitizer to help address shortages

04/08/2020 02:56PM ● By Steven Hoffman

Millions of Americans have had a difficult time finding bottles of hand sanitizer at the grocery store or pharmacy in recent weeks. Nella Naturals, which has a retail shop on Locust Street in Oxford, is now mobilizing to produce hand sanitizer in larger quantities to help address the massive shortages in Pennsylvania and across the country.

“We were already making hand sanitizer, but it was a small part of the business,” explained Rudy Allen, who owns and operates the business with his wife, Nicki. “Now, we’re stepping up to the plate to meet the need.”

Nella Naturals manufactures candles, lotions, and skincare products that are organic and natural, and free of any harmful chemicals, including petroleum and GMOs. They are still manufacturing those products, but they are also focusing more time and energy on producing hand sanitizer, perhaps the most sought-after product ever since the coronavirus pandemic swept the country.

Allen said that they have been able to help some local fire companies, police departments, and hospitals that had an urgent need for hand sanitizers. They have hand sanitizer in stock and have been able to ship it to customers all over the country. Nella Naturals received a large order from a grocery store chain, and subsequently they received several other large requests for hand sanitizers.

Allen said that they are hoping to soon secure warehouse space in the Oxford area so that they can boost production. They are also bringing in some automated machines that could be used in the warehouse to manufacture the products in larger quantities. If they are able to expand production sufficiently, Allen said, they will be hiring additional workers to manufacture the hand sanitizer.

One big challenge for Nella Naturals now is getting enough plastic bottles to keep up with what they need for the hand sanitizer. The intense demand for some products is wreaking havoc on supply chains. But they have posted a note on the website that the hand sanitizer may just arrive in a bottle with a different appearance than the one that is featured online.

Nicki Allen explained that the Nella Naturals hand sanitizer meets all the CDC requirements. Proper hygiene, especially hand washing, has been an important part of the response to the COVID-19 epidemic.

Allen pointed out that Nella Naturals products are made with ingredients that are good for your body, your home, and the environment.

“We strive to make high-end, quality products,” he said.

The Allens’ products have grown in popularity during the last eight years, which is when a passionate pursuit that started out as more as a hobby evolved into a business. Initially, the Allens sold the handmade products online. They opened a retail shop in Oxford back in 2014.

More information about Nella Naturals is available at Nella-Naturals .com.