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Miracle-Ear to open Kennett Square office

06/13/2017 11:54AM ● By Richard Gaw
By Richard L. Gaw
Staff Writer

During his 28 years as a franchise owner and operator of three Miracle-Ear franchises, Joseph DeSimone has always stressed to his staff that the main purpose of what they do for a living is to help people.
To the hundreds of Miracle-Ear patients in Chester County who visit the Concord Pike location in Wilmington every year, they receive the same personalized service that Miracle-Ear patients do in DeSimone's Miracle-Ear offices Stanton, De., and  Elkton, Md. – a continuum of care supported by the latest in technology. About the only service they don't enjoy comes from having to spend as much as 45 minutes traveling from Chester County to the Miracle-Ear offices in Delaware
Beginning on June 19, the technology of Miracle-Ear that Chester County patients receive will also be met with convenience, as the franchise will open a new location on West Cypress Street in Kennett Square. 
The location will be managed by David Groves, who has worked with Miracle-Ear for more than 20 years as a hearing aid consultant. Valerie Smith will be the store's front office administrator.
“I have been watching the demographics over the past years in the southern Chester County area, and it's a growing area, and I thought it would be a good opportunity to reach the people who live there,” DeSimone said. “I strongly believe in this product, and with the Baby Boomer generation now in their 50s and 60s and needing more attention to their hearing and quality of life, the timing of the opening of this location couldn't be better, either.”
DeSimone said that the patient-consultant relationship at Miracle-Ear is one built on the foundation of a continuing conversation, one supported with the latest hearing aid technology and innovation that the company has become known for. Following a complete hearing health history, technicians provide a through examination of the patient's inner ear canals, and then conduct a hearing threshold test to determine the degree of hearing loss, as well as a speech discrimination test, which measures a patient's ability to hear and understand speech in noisy environments.
Miracle-Ear consultants work in full partnership with local ear, nose and throat medical professionals to determine if a patient needs a hearing aid, and if they do, each patient has the opportunity to try on the right product for them. 
Hearing aids have been around for decades, and despite their benefits, they have often been cumbersome and a nuisance to operate, with batteries to recharge and install. Beginning next week, visitors to the Kennett Square offices will be introduced to GENIUS 2.0 technology, Miracle-Ear's 100 percent rechargeable hearing aid, that provides 24 hours of continuous use on a single charge. It will also reduce the amount of digital noise; improve amplification and provide the patient with a better sense of where the sounds are coming from.
“Previously, we weren't able to go into every frequency and program the amount of decibels of that particular hearing loss,” DeSimone said. “Today, we are. We have the access to fine tune someone's hearing loss to the hearing aid that he or she uses, and we can do that right here in our offices and program it to fit the level of hearing loss.
“The Genius 2.0 has allowed us to program different listening situations. If you;re in a restaurant now, you will still be able to hear conversation, just as those with normal hearing can hear and adjust to. The Genius 2.0 eliminates any feedback problems that have plagued those with hearing aids in the past.”
The highlights of DeSimone's 28 years at Miracle-Ear are measured in the thousands of patients he and colleagues have helped open doors to a better life. Early in his Miracle-Ear career, DeSimone welcomed an older man to his Elkton office, along with several members of the man's family. He had lived with a long-term hearing loss for most of his life, and had resigned himself to the condition.
“Once the hearing aid product I had fitted him for arrived at the store, we called him back in, and he came back with members of hi family,” DeSimone said. “I inserted the hearing aids in, turned them on, returned to my seat, and asked him, 'How are you hearing me now?'
“The expression on his face was second to none. His children began talking to him, which was truly a miracle, because up to that point, he had never heard what his childrens' voices sounded like. They began weeping, and then I began to do the same.”
The Miracle-Ear location in Kennett Square is located at 747 West Cypress Street, Kennett Square, Pa. 19348.
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