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Uncle Irvin: Police department merger good news

03/22/2016 12:08PM ● By Richard Gaw
Something positive appears to have developed due to the informal discussions about a regional police force in the Kennett area in recent months.
While the coalition came to no consensus, New Garden Township and West Grove Borough are now in serious negotiations about combining the two police forces. West Grove borough has only about 3,000 residents to support its token police force, which is only on call for about half of each 24-hour day. By linking with New Garden (population 13,000) there could be a 25-person department with 15 full-time officers, and much closer to 24/7 coverage.
No doubt New Garden police chief Gerald Simpson, a leader in regional police forces, would be the chief, with a joint governing body. This cooperative effort looks very much like a win-win situation, and financially feasible without millage increases.
Southern Chester County is so preoccupied with outrageous public school costs that it dismisses infrastructure needed for prosperity and security.

(Uncle Irvin's column is his opinion only, and is not a news story.)