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Interesting Jobs Featuring Local People: Patricia Maristch, Boutique Lifestyle Public Relations

02/26/2015 10:36AM ● By Kevin

Patricia Maristch is a graduate from Immaculata University and a young entrepreneur. She is the founder and principal of Piqued PR, a boutique lifestyle public relations agency piquing the interest of press and consumers. Her years of retail experience, shopaholic tendencies and constant desire for all things luxe, provides a unique viewpoint to public relations and social media. 

She understands her clients' audience because she is their audience. While she works and plays on the Main Line her client list extends across the nation working with small boutiques, national brands, high power politicians and everything in between. She was born and raised in Unionville.

In addition to Piqued PR, Maristch serves on the Wings for Success board, is the Main Line Fashion Week and Her Main Line founder as well as a frequent guest blogger for various publications. She also serves on the board for Wings for Success.

We had a chance to chat with Maristch about her time in Unionville, her business and more.

Chester County PRESS: You said you are born and raised in Unionville. Can you tell us what it was like growing up there and how it shaped you into the woman you are today? What activites/memories do you look back fondly upon?

Patricia Maristch: I'm born and raised in Unionville... actually my mom, dad and grandfather all also graduated from Unionville High School too! I always loved growing up here, we have a great school system and the area is truly beautiful and safe! It's a small, tight knit community where everyone knows each other. It's almost like stepping back to another era (in the best way), there's something to be said about that. Unionville has a certain charm.

CCP: You went off to Immaculata and became an entrepreneur. How did all of the right pieces fall into place for you? Why Immaculata? Why your line of work?

Maristch: I honestly wasn't the best student in high school and was so lost when it came to go to college. I decided I wanted to stay local and a family friend suggested I study communications because I was a strong writer. I had always had an interest in fashion though which led me to Immaculata because they had both communications and fashion. To be honest I hated the first year or two, I was doing great academically but college was a tough adjustment for me. I lived in the dorm for one night actually and filled out applications to transfer! I never sent those applications in though and instead got more involved on campus; I joined the cheerleading team, tennis team, wrote for the school paper, worked in the writing center and was president of the fashion club. 

I interned at five different businesses, during my time in college and graduated with a degree in both communications and fashion merchandising as well as a minor in french. Despite going above and beyond I didn't have a job lined up after graduation due to the economy. I decided to take matters into my own hands and started freelancing. My first client? A local politician that I discovered in a magazine and cold called! Eventually about a month or two later I did receive a full time position as a PR coordinator at an agency in center city. The account I was working on wasn't really my interest though so I continued to freelance on the side and picked up more clients. Eventually I had enough to start Piqued PR. Now I'm an entrepreneur with many businesses including Piqued PR, Her Main Line and Main Line Fashion Week! 

CCP: You just bought a home in Unionville. Everything's coming around full circle! How did that go? What are the greatest things about living here?

Maristch: I bought my house about a year and a half ago! It was a complete gut job though and I only moved in not even a year ago. I renovated everything... restructured the roof, new siding, roof, patios, windows, floors, drywall... the list goes on. I originally was looking to purchase a home on the Main Line as that was closer for work when I was in Center City but then once I started working for myself came back to Unionville and found a house on the same road as both my parents and grandparents! I love living in the area because it's such a small community, since my family is rooted here and I've spent my life here I know everyone from the person behind the counter at the bank to the person I drive past walking their dog and always see a familiar face when out to dinner or the grocery store. The community is also so helpful. So many locals helped with little things during my renovation process and just about my whole street came to my house warming party! 

CPP: You work in the Main Line, but also across the country. How do you diversify yourself to pick up clients from all over the place? Do you have any interesting/heartwarming stories to tell about your experiences in your business so far?

Maristch: With Piqued PR I really try to focus on the lifestyle segment of the industry so fashion, beauty and decor. This is where my interest, knowledge and passion is so Piqued PR has strong offerings in this area. I'm really lucky I must say where most of my clients come from referrals from other happy clients. Those clients that don't come from referrals are ones that I reach out to usually because I personally feel passionately about their business and my skills can help their business grow. The most satisfying thing is one someone I never met (usually students or young aspiring entrepreneurs) approach me and explain that they stalk me on social media, they love Piqued PR and I inspire them. One time I even had a random student tell me she did a project on Piqued PR!  That's inspiring and humbling all at the same time. 

CCP: Would you like to pay homage to anyone for your success? What else would you like to say? Parting words?

Maristch: There are so many people that inspire and have helped with Piqued PR's success. My family friend Kate who guided me into this industry, my friend and fellow Immaculata entrepreneur Tina of Posh Collections who inspired me to study at Immaculata, my grandfather who I grew watching as a hard working successful entrepreneur, my grandmother who inspired my love for fashion and my parents who always support me and have been roped into helping with so many projects and aspects of my businesses. 

For more information about Maristch and her various endeavors, visit:

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Main Line Fashion Week

Personal (they are all public though)