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Franklin Township alerts residents that road salt is running low

02/12/2014 02:57PM ● By Acl

In an e-mail sent to residents of Franklin Township on Feb. 11, township officials noted that the supply of salt for area roads is running “dangerously low.” 

The notice read, in part, “Another major snow storm projects to hit our area on Thursday, and it is highly likely that we will not have a sufficient supply of road salt to keep the roads clear. Our township, as well as every other township, state, and federal road maintenance crew, has used an unprecedented amount of road salt this winter. 

“We have contacted other salt companies to purchase road salt for pickup or delivery, and we are not having much success,” the notice continued. “If there is no salt to be found, the township will do what it can by spreading our available supply of anti-skid on the roads for traction. We will concentrate our supply on intersections, hills, and dangerous curves.”

Franklin Township has a membership in Pennsylvania’s cooperative purchasing program known as COSTARS. “Oceanport is the COSTARS supplier for our area,” the township notice read. “Last week, we were informed by Oceanport that they would not be able to deliver salt to Franklin Township before Feb. 24; however, we could have a truck pick salt up at their facility. Oceanport was limiting all customers to 25 tons (one dump truck) of salt per day. The township has sent a truck to pick up a 25-ton load every day it was available.

“As of Feb. 10, Oceanport informed the township that they are no longer allowing customers to pick up salt at their location and they are waiting for three barges of salt to come into their port. The new anticipated date that we could pick up road salt is Feb. 25.

“The township has also filled out a PEMA (Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency) request form for salt through Chester County Emergency Services. At this point it is unknown if our request will be filled prior to the next storm.”

The township advised residents to check for updated information.