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Franklin Township supervisors hold January meeting

01/28/2014 06:55PM ● By Acl

On Jan. 15, the Franklin Township Board of Supervisors met, with five supervisors present, along with the township sanitary engineer, the Planning Commisison chairman, the Historic Architectureal Review Board chairman, and three staff members. There were six people in the audience.

Chairman John Auerbach made a motion to approve the December 2013 treasurer’s report. The report includes the general fund with disbursements and transfers of $533,890.50; the park and recreation fund with disbursements of $16,532.73; parkland and recreation facilities fund with disbursements of $7,200: the open space fund with disbursements of $39,432.95; the emergency services fund with disbursements of $50,279.49; and the fire hydrant fund with disbursements of $399.30, leaving a balance in all funds of $857,316.62. 

Auerbach reported that during December, five new permits (two of which were for new homes in the Wyndemere development) were issued. There were 19 inspections and three zoning issues. Building/zoning fees collected were $6,329.75. Recreation and impact fees were $9,385.42. Miscellaneous fees totaled $1,773.50. 

Matt Curtis, a member of the Franklin Sportsman's Association,  reported that hunting season will close on Jan. 25. He told the board that another member of the FSA reported the illegal dumping of deer carcasses on Creek Road. This was also reported to the game warden. To date, 13 deer have been harvested in the township (four from Banffshire and nine from the Franklin Preserve). Roadside cleanup of Chesterville Road is the FSA's upcoming community service project. 

Historical commission chairman Paul Lagasse reported that the commission has updated the Historic Resource Surveys using the information gathered from a workshop with Bob Wise. They also discussed the proposed improvements at routes 896 and 841, and the impact the construction might have on the historic property at that corner. 

The issue of alternate sewage system requirements was addressed by the board and sanitary engineer Stan Corbett. A township ordinance requires an operations and management agreement whenever an alternate septic system is permited. The Chester County Health Department no longer withholds issuing these permits until the township has an agreement in place. Corbett discussed several options. The board agreed that this issue should be added to the February agenda for the Planning Commission. 

The Board of Supervisors is evaluating the services of some of the township's consultants. Three engineering firms -- URS, D.L. Howell and Pennoni – made presentations to the board about their services, and the board will review the information. 

The board also reviewed and approved the draft of the winter 2014 township newsletter, which should reach residents by the first week of February. 

The next Board of Supervisors meeting will be on Feb. 19 in the Township meeting room at 7 p.m. For more information, visit