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Avon Grove School District celebrates success of annual art show

The Avon Grove School District (AGSD) hosted its annual Art Show on May 28 and 29, showcasing a diverse selection of student artwork from kindergarten to grade 12. This district-wide celebration of creativity and talent showcased an impressive array of student creations, including paintings, drawings, sculptures, digital art, and mixed media pieces, highlighting the artistic skills, dedication, and passion of our young artists.

Attendees experienced engaging live demonstrations of wheel throwing and painting by Avon Grove High School (AGHS) students, offering unique insights into the artistic processes and techniques. The event was further enhanced by live musical performances from AGHS string seniors on viola and cello, providing a harmonious backdrop to the exhibit. 

A notable feature of this year’s Art Show was the innovative use of QR code displays, allowing attendees to interact with the artwork on a deeper level. Visitors could engage visually with the pieces while listening to detailed information about the creation processes and underlying concepts. This fusion of technology and art provided a more immersive experience for all attendees.

Kara Mercer, an AGHS art teacher, emphasized the significance of the event, stating, “The District Art Show reveals a glimpse of student learning and progress throughout our K-12 program. Exhibiting our hard-working students and their beautiful works allows us, as teachers, to create environments where students are proud, positive, and present."

The success of the Art Show was due to the collective efforts of our students, staff, volunteers, and the supportive community. Their dedication ensured that the event was a memorable and enriching experience for all who attended.