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Will the Red Planet Mars be our New Hidden Universe?

03/13/2024 01:53PM ● By Marie-Louise Meyers

When we’ve used our planet up, resources, growing fields, clean water,

and it no longer yields to our touch, too sick for people to survive with all the wars which rage around us, and the contagion which threatens Life as we have know it, or the asteroid long feared is finally headed to earth destroying everything we once knew.

Where do we go from here?  Will Mars be our new home?  From earliest times people speculated for it was the only Planet they could really see in the night sky, Red, while other planets were diffused in a sky bright with stars.  We have the means to examine it more fully than ever before with our powerful telescopes, mountains and polar lakes, study samples gathered up by Rover such as meteorites which may hint of existence in some form.  The imagination of the public has been heightened by movies such as War of the Worlds capitalizing on the possibility of interplanetary life threatening our life or are they just extending a hand because life as we know is on earth too demanding to survive erupting before our eyes.  

Can we leave the Earth in space uniforms and do more than just gravitate from an umbilical chord attached to our survival ship but actually colonize? Must we surrender at some point  given the wear and tear on earth, volcanic eruptions and earthquakes, catastrophic Tsunamis, and wars which threaten our very existence.  What about the Black Hole we keep under surveillance which has the capability of erasing the earth?

Have we already had visitors, aliens who walk the Earth, spy into our very lives, isn’t it rather pretentious to think we’re all alone given the sitings of UFO’s we’ve had over the years, long known to our Air Force, even personal stories filled with dread of being taken and examined as if to determine what kind of Life Form we were.

Mars had a dense atmosphere once according to our testing labs and was actually even  a “blue” planet with bodies of water once apparent.  Recently made visible is a gigantic Face and DNM Pyramid which couldn’t be created naturally.  So many discoveries and sightings with Hollywood making the most of them coming to the conclusion we are not alone.  How long ago on radio, Orson Wells gave the dramatic recitation which created so many believers back in the thirties.  Instead of a surreal manifestation, we are constantly getting real information.  

If nothing else, Enlightenment requires that we keep our brain active to possibilities and not shutdown to scientific exploration thinking only Earth contains the necessary ingredients for Life’s sustainability and look to the sky for possibilities.  There have always been signs and symptoms.  Still we have to clean up our earth and waters  providing sustenance in order to prove we are not defaming our inherited wealth ready to do the same in Outer Space?   We may shudder at the thought of leaving all we have ever been or even wanted, cleave to the old and familiar for it is our Known.

But History tells us it has been done over and over again, but discovery of a new world would be a giant leap to a new destiny for our children and our children’s children!  

No longer a Mission Impossible but a home away from home? Can we begin again not to anticipate the cacophony of birdsong but the unfamiliar sound of the spheres reducing the Earth to just a pathway to the stars?