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Support Gov. Shapiro’s school funding plan

03/06/2024 10:04AM ● By Kim Kulesza

Letter to the Editor:

Gov. Josh Shapiro recently proposed a public education budget for approval by the General Assembly.  

It includes an investment of $1.8 billion in public school funding this year, with a specific focus on improving school facilities.  This is great news.  I believe the public schools here in Oxford are a treasure.  Besides the education they offer, the schools tie our community together.  It was the schools that offered a location for stranded families after the town fire.  It’s the schools that provide safe entertainment in the form of plays, dances, sports, and other activities.  

Recently I was sitting at the last basketball game for my elementary aged grandsons. Their games were in one of the school gyms early Saturday morning.  I noticed all the supportive families and especially the coaches who take time out of their day to give the kids a fantastic experience.  Some of the coaches were students in that same school building years ago. We must ensure  that our public schools are funded to support not only education, but these beloved community activities as well.  Funding must be prioritized for the many needs of our public schools.  

Lately there’s been a push to use public funds for school choice options.  This is not necessary.  If parents want private education, they can certainly have that option.  But it’s not the taxpayers’ job to fund that type of choice.  Instead, the governor, together with the General Assembly, should work toward one goal of creating a public school system that is stellar for every child and for our communities.  

I’ve contacted my state representative and state senator to ask for their support for the proposal, and I suggest community members do the same.

Kim Kulesza