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Spring Creek Design

02/28/2024 03:18PM ● By Haleigh Abbott

A home renovation project can be a maze of options and planning, leaving homeowners confused as to where to start and how to end. Spring Creek Design has been streamlining this process since 2001, offering clients a complete one-stop-shop from build, to design, to decor through their “design-build” model. 

“We see ourselves as our client’s partner in their management of their home,” explained Pete Cooper, Owner and self-proclaimed idea guy of Spring Creek Design. “Clients don’t hire us in a transactional agreement, they hire us on a consultancy relationship because it’s our job to have their backs.”

Spring Creek Design is owned and operated by husband-and-wife team Pete and Sandy Cooper, along with a team of 10 employees covering each phase of renovation from architecture to decor. When their previous travel agency shut down after the events of 9/11 affected the travel industry, Pete began using his time to complete projects around their own home. Growing up with a father who was a custom builder, Pete was familiar with the trades but never expected to create a career out of it. When the Coopers’ friends and family were impressed with Pete’s work, they began hiring him for their own renovations. Pete began apprenticing with a friend who taught him the skills. His love of architecture and design started back in college at Penn State where he took classes on the subjects. “You look back and go ‘Why didn’t I take that chance?’ And now, I have that second chance,” said Pete. Sandy joined the team in 2003 in an administrative role and client coordinator, and takes the reins in client solutions. “We do everything from inside and outside of the house,” said Sandy. “Even if we encounter a problem, which does happen, we make it right and that’s why we get called back.” 

The design-build model Spring Creek Design uses ensures that the client has complete transparency into the entire renovation process. The budget, timeline, and design choices are all available on an online portal that allows clients to see updates on-demand for their project. While a kitchen renovation may take 6 weeks to complete, the planning side can take 4 months in advance to map out. The tedious work done by Spring Creek Design on the front end allows for minimal issues to happen during the building process, and they are known for meeting their timelines. 

“Our design meetings are always accompanied by a construction person, and their job is to keep everyone on track,” explained Pete. The multi-step process begins with a consultation and feasibility study for architectural plans, which will help dictate the cost for the budget. Once the client is happy with the budget and timeline, construction preparations begin with contractor bids and in-house designers to bring the concept to life. And while construction can be a messy and inconvenient process for neighbors, Spring Creek Design provides gift baskets with Amish-made goods to neighbors as a show of good faith. 

As for client retention, Spring Creek Design nails that as well. One of their long-term clients is on renovation project number-11 in 20 years of partnership with Pete and Sandy. “We see the house as an entire project, so we’ll design plans for your kitchen, your patio, your swimming pool - we may not do them all at once, but we’ll have it available for the future,” said Pete.

Pete and Sandy have also started a side project for vacation home renovations, bringing their love for travel back full circle to their present work. Spring Creek Escapes currently has two AirBnb properties in the Catskills along the Delaware River watershed—a fly fisher’s dream (and one of Pete’s hobbies).

To see what Spring Creek Design can imagine for you, visit their website as Visit their social media accounts on Facebook and Instagram to see examples of their work.