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Police officer convicted of two crimes after shooting at motorist’s car during a traffic stop

Police officer Anthony Sparano, was convicted last week of recklessly endangering another person and the propulsion of missiles into an occupied vehicle after a week-long jury trial in Chester County. 

Evidence presented at trial showed that Sparano, a member of the West Caln Police Department, shot at a motorist as she drove away from a traffic stop, striking the vehicle from behind. The driver was not struck by the gunfire.

Following the verdict, District Attorney Christopher L. de Barrena-Sarobe said, “I want to thank the jury for their work on this difficult trial. This case shows that the Chester County District Attorney’s Office and law enforcement are committed to applying the law evenly to all citizens, even police officers.”

Sparano is a 55-year-old resident of Coatesville.

Judge Allison Bell Royer presided over the trial. The case was investigated by the Chester County Detectives and deputy District Attorney Bridget C. Gallagher was the prosecutor. The jury was presented with video evidence from police body cameras, police dash cameras, and testimony from a variety of witnesses—including the defendant. Sparano was found not guilty of simple assault and convicted of recklessly endangering another person and propulsion of missiles. Both convictions are misdemeanor offenses.

After dismissing the jury, Judge Royer ordered a pre-sentence investigation and indicated she would attempt to schedule a sentencing hearing in approximately one month.