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Penn Medicine will not be purchasing shuttered Brandywine Hospital

Brandywine Hospital will not be reopening any time soon after it was reported last week that Penn Medicine would not be purchasing the shuttered hospital after all.

In June of 2023, Penn Medicine started the process of purchasing the shuttered facility.

The Chester County Commissioners, Josh Maxwell, Marian Moskowitz and Eric Roe, released the following statement following the most recent development:

 “We are disappointed that the Brandywine Hospital property did not meet Penn Medicine’s requirements, but we are excited that Penn Medicine remains committed to bringing emergency and acute care back to the Coatesville area, as well as expanding care for veterans through the agreement with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.  We will continue to support Penn Medicine’s plans as they seek an alternative location to provide the best healthcare facility for Chester County residents and veterans.    

“We also remain committed in our support for the Greater Coatesville Health Equity Group, both as members of the Group and in providing more than $2 million in funding for the Alliance for Health Equity’s Equity Health Center.  In every  way that we can, we are working with many partners to ensure everyone in the greater Coatesville area has equitable healthcare options and access.”