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Winter Park at the Creamery returns with S’mores

11/27/2023 12:14PM ● By Chris Barber
Winter Park at the Creamery returns with S’mores [2 Images] Click Any Image To Expand

The skating rink at the Creamery, which was greeted with enthusiasm and joy last January, is retuning soon -- a month earlier than last winter.

Anthony Racaniello, director of marketing and programming at Square Roots Collective, said the rink, called “Winter Park,” will open at the beginning of December with the added attractions of warm drinks, bonfires and a Girl-Scout-sponsored offering of S’mores kits.

S’mores are dessert treats often cooked by Girl Scouts at camp made of graham crackers, chocolate bars and roasted marshmallows. Traditionally, as the girls sit around a campfire, they roast a marshmallow on the end of a stick and then mash it between two graham crackers in the company of chocolate.

This year, the local Girl Scouts are offering for sale kits that contain the makings of this dessert to the people who come to skate. With a continuing bonfire beside the rink, the customers can prepare their own S’mores.

Racaniello said the profits of the project will go to the Girl Scouts.

The Square Roots Collective is a collection of businesses dedicated to the wholesome growth of the borough. It is the parent organization of the Creamery. The Creamery is a restored historic milk plant at 401 Birch Street that hosts cultural, artistic and recreational activities throughout the year.

Last year, the organizers constructed the rink on the Creamery parking lot to open in January. It was made of “Glice,” a synthetic material that functions similar to ice but does not melt in the heat. The destination was open three days a week and became quite popular—fast. It ran from January through March.

The rink offered afternoon and nighttime hours and was able to accommodate 50 skaters at a time for one-hour shifts.

Rancaniello said it was so successful that there was no doubt the it would return this year with additional features.

The popularity extended to families – parents and children – as well as folks out for a date. Young children were and will be required to be there with adults. The skating is purely recreational with no ice hockey or figure skating competitions allowed.

“It’s good to be able to bring something wholesome to the borough,” Rancaniello said.

He added that there will be the availability of hot beverages, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, and the bonfire will be burning all the time for warming up and making S’mores.

The cost is $10 an hour to skate, and $15 an hour if you rent skates. The rink will open on the first weekend of December and conclude with a huge festival at the end of February. They are calling it “Winterlude.” The hours will be publicly announced soon.

Winter Park reservations will be available online soon at