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House Republican efforts secure transparency, tuition freeze for state-related schools

Efforts of the House Republican Caucus over the last several months have secured sought-after transparency measures and a tuition freeze for students at Pennsylvania’s four state-related universities following a House vote to approve their funding request for the current year.

“For the last several months, House Republicans have called for increased transparency in the state-related system and a freeze in state-related tuition for substantial increases in state support,” said House Republican Leader Bryan Cutler (R-Lancaster). “The days of blank checks to state-related universities must come to an end and the House passing legislation with a tuition freeze requirement, along with legislation yesterday to increase transparency of the state-related system, is a good starting point to accomplish that goal.”

House Republican Appropriations Chairman Seth Grove (R-York) added that the passage of state-related funding with a tuition freeze is proof that working on tough issues in a bipartisan manner is possible.

“House Republicans have been fighting for a tuition freeze for months, it is great that House Democrats have finally seen the light,” he said. “The House also advanced enhanced compliance with the Right-to-Know law through House Bill 1556 and advanced the discussion around creating a grant program for state-related universities, both of which the House Republican caucus has been fighting for. Earlier this month I said we can work together on a budget without compromising our principles, today was proof that is possible.” 

House Republican Policy Chairman Josh Kail (R-Beaver/Washington) said the passage of state-related funding legislation Tuesday is a win for Pennsylvania’s students and families.

“Education is about providing opportunity to our children. An opportunity to succeed in a prosperous Pennsylvania and today we took a step in that direction by holding the line on college tuition at our state-related universities,” Kail stated. “Today is a win for the next generation of leaders.”

House Republican Education Chairman Jesse Topper (R-Bedford/Fulton) noted continued reforms in higher education make achieving the goal of advanced education more accessible and affordable.

“When we talk about funding and reforming higher education, we are not talking about institutions. We are talking about making this dream for many of our students—and those who are possibly looking at a second career—more accessible and affordable at every level,” Topper stated. “That is what we are talking about doing.”

Picture courtesy of Lancaster Online