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Letter to the Editor: Support Warren and Dewees for Oxford School Board

11/01/2023 10:54AM ● By Howard Robinson

My name is Howard Robinson.  I was born in Upper Oxford Township and attended school at the Oxford Area School District (OASD) all 12 years, graduating in 1959.  Then, for two years, I attended Lincoln University before later graduating from East Tennessee State University.  During this time, I married Janet Robinson, another Oxford graduate, and we had five children who also were OAHS graduates. Later, each of our children received college degrees.

I first met many of you as 7th and 8th grade students in OASD where I taught language arts for 31 years.  I was also privileged to teach Upward Bound students at Lincoln University during some summer breaks.

A few years ago, after retiring from OASD, I was convinced to run for Director on the Oxford Area School District Board.  I served on the OASD Board for 15 years, retiring last year.  I also have been privileged to serve on the Chester County Intermediate Unit {CCIU}Board of Directors for 13 years and I am still a director on the CCIU Authority Board. Thus, I am very concerned when I hear some of the current activities of our OASD Board.

On November 7, we, the voters, will have the opportunity, and the responsibility, to vote for some very strong, capable candidates for school board directors.  

I know Jenifer Warren who was previously a Director on the OASD Board.  Jenifer is a very committed, educated person who carefully peruses all the options of every decision with research and time to make the very best decisions that will benefit the students (and the taxpayers) in the Oxford area.  Jenifer Warren must win on November 7!

Also, let me put in a “good word” for Tenille Dewees –who also has all the qualities for a great school board member!  Both Jenifer and Tenille know that Oxford is one of the poorest school districts in Chester County and therefore, we cannot afford to turn down any state or federal money that OASD qualifies to receive.  If not accepted, the expenses that those millions of dollars would pay for would then be passed on to the taxpayers in the Oxford area.  

Let’s put these two candidates on our OASD Board of Directors and bring some reason and balance back to our district.