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Letter to the Editor: Work toward resolving the decades-old conflict between Israel and the Palestinians

10/25/2023 09:24AM ● By Anita Bower
Letter to the Editor:

The Biden administration seems to have been instrumental in getting Israel to resume water supply to southern Gaza. This is an example of using the power and prestige of the U.S. for good. 

I hope President Biden will continue to use the power and influence of the United States to pressure Israel to return all services to Gaza and its civilian population.

Furthermore, I hope President Biden will work, not to further arm Israel militarily, but to broker a cessation of hostilities, and to provide humanitarian aid to suffering civilians, including the return of kidnapped Israelis.

Crimes against humanity and war crimes seem to have been committed by Hamas and Israel.  The way forward is not to encourage further war crimes by either side, but to work toward resolving the decades-old problem of the conflict between Israel and Palestinians.