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Promoting Peace and Harmony with the  Good Neighbor Policy

10/25/2023 09:22AM ● By Marie-Louise Meyers

Did World Peace Day come and go with little to show for it?

How about Face to Face at home instead of checking out Face Book;

while technology soars why not check out natural encounters Out Doors?

Why not start with your street, and what makes the community run

like the fire, police, and ambulance departments,

some day you will need one or maybe all of them!

Look how the five alarm fire devastated the down-town area!

Do you shop till you drop far from home

or just across the street find deals you can really own?

We cannot survive aloof and alone, 

what about good neighborhood policies?

Do you sit in judgement of someone because of background or beliefs,

are steeped in rhetoric but not good deeds?

Do you hesitate when children are waiting for a school bus

or drive by like you can’t afford to be late;

offer to buy food or contribute your own vegetables

or lend a helping hand as if God-Sent not by command?

Don’t just stop the “bully” on the playground 

slow them down by offering other ways to strut their stuff,

in a small mean way they’re much like “Bully” Nations.

Do you support your community to make a difference,

and follow through, even making contributions to charity

or simply cow-tow to rules but not the spirit of them?

No matter Left Wing, Right Wing, Center Stage,

we should all be on the same page as far as the environment.

We all seek for peace of mind,

but are inclined to start an argument at a moment’s notice.

Make each day a profound note for we all die on route,

let yours be toward Justice and Truth?

In the end you’ll be judged for your spirit and contributions

no matter how small, don’t trivialize what befalls others;

instead of erecting barriers, try to be a carrier of Good Will for all!