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Meet the Member: DuVall Bus Service

10/06/2023 12:11PM ● By Haleigh Abbott

For 90 years, DuVall Bus Service has provided the Oxford and Avon Grove area with the highest quality bussing services. From school buses to big and small coaches, DuVall prides themselves in providing high-class transportation in style. “We pride ourselves on having the cleanest and nicest well maintained fleet around, and being on time with the most courteous  drivers who are there to make sure that your event transportation needs are met.”

The family-owned business was started by Charles W. DuVall, who farmed and ran dump trucks. The Avon Grove School District sought out Charles to take over a bus run, bringing the DuVall family into the bussing industry. Charles’s son, Robert, was brought into the business when he was old enough, and the duo added more equipment and more services, including farming, snow plowing, running dump trucks and school buses.

When Charles retired, Robert and his wife Frances bought the business and expanded on the truck driving portion by hiring more drivers. The Avon Grove School district expanded their services through DuVall, by adding more routes and vans to their busing schedule.

In 1998, DuVall purchased their first coach bus to expand the business to private charters with a luxury vehicle. While the coach and charter side of the business grew exponentially, the trucking side took a halt in 2005 during the economic downturn and the trucks were parked, turning the main business of the company to charter and bussing.

The company is now in the hands of Robert and Frances daughter, Sandra DuVall-Wolfe, who continues to keep the business in the family. “If you’re looking for group transportation for a wedding, party, reunion, private trip or religious retreat, DuValls can meet your needs.” says Sandra. DuValls has buses that can accommodate parties from small to large, and can take you to a single destination or multiple stops along the way. DuVall’s fleet can also be used to shuttle between venues for events such as weddings. Their drivers are courteous and professional, and their buses are held to the highest standards for cleanliness and maintenance. DuVall will also help navigate the space requirements for their vehicles at locations with limited parking.

To find out more about DuVall Bus Services or ask for a pricing request, visit their website at, or give Sandra and the team a call at 610-869-2881.

Photo by Meghan Newberry, Meghan Newberry Photography