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Meet the Member: Meghan Newberry

10/06/2023 12:06PM ● By Jim Coarse

As a teenager, Meghan fell in love with the darkroom. While attending high school, she found the darkroom to be a place where she could go and quietly create her art while putting other stresses on the back-burner. The thought of film today almost feels like an ancient art. It was a passion that kept her spirits up and made for fun explorations out of school. 

After high school, Meghan no longer had access to an SLR (single lens reflex camera). Although always known as the person running around with point-and-shoot cameras, an SLR wasn’t in the cards until many years later. College, a career and starting a family took over. 

One day, Meghan decided to pick up a DSLR (digital single lens reflex camera) that had been sitting around in a closet. Quite a big jump in time, also meant a big jump to digital and editing on a computer instead of experimenting with chemicals and filters and paper types in a darkroom. But it quickly started a fire.

After all the time being away, she picked right back up where she had left-off. Now with children of her own and lots of friends and family requesting photos, she took the deep dive into the world of photographing that special connection. Photography can bring joy. It also serves as a glimpse into time. And each passing day, that image becomes a memory of the past. “It’s electric.” That connection of joy and love is what Meghan loves to capture in time for her clients. It helps bring families together, especially when they can be, physically, so far apart.
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Photo by Jim Coarse, Moonloop Photography