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Must-Try Mushroom Meals

09/01/2023 02:51PM ● By Haleigh Abbott

Kennett Square restaurants make good use of their access to fresh, locally grown mushrooms by making them the star of the show in unique meals. From soup, to burgers, to flatbreads, and even breakfast items, mushrooms are embedded into the cuisine in the Mushroom Capital of the World.


Looking to start your day off with a savory, protein-packed meal that will keep hunger rumbles away until dinner? Omelets highlighting our fungi friend can be found throughout town. Hank’s Place at 201 Birch Street offers a Kennett Square Mushroom Omelette or Frittata, filled with a roasted mushroom blend, griddled onions and Swiss Cheese. Foxfire Restaurant at The Stone Barn, located at 100 Stone Barn Drive, features a Farmer’s Mushroom and Feta Omelet with sauteed exotic mushrooms, seasonal garden veggies and feta cheese. They also offer Shroom on a Single, a play on cream chipped beef, with creamed mushrooms over sourdough toast with a sunny side up egg. For a quick-stop, visit Mary Pat’s Provisions at Liberty Market Place (148 W. State Street), for their Mushroom Egg and Goat Cheese Sandwich topped with truffle aioli. 

Hank's Place’s Kennett Square Omlette


Handhelds and Burgers

Handhelds satisfy both the comforting and daring foodies, and can easily be found on lunch and dinner menus. Look for any menu item with “Kennett Square” in the name, and mushrooms are guaranteed.

La Verona’s (114 E. State Street) ode to Kennett Square is their La Verona Burger with caramelized onions, mushrooms, American cheese, and a Kennett Square Sandwich with portobello, goat cheese, spinach, red onions and balsamic glaze. The Mushroom Gratin is a finer experience, made with smoked bacon, maitake, oyster and shiitake Mushrooms, blended with cheese and served with toast points.

The Naked Olive (759 W. Cypress Street) fancies the classic melt with their Kennett Square Mushroom Melt, with a blend of exotic mushrooms, baby spinach, sliced tomato, caramelized onions, goat cheese, balsamic glaze on a grilled sourdough bread.

Giordano’s (633 E. Cypress Street) has the widest selection of handhelds, featuring their rendition of the Kennett Square Burger, a Kennett Square Chicken Sandwich, and a Kennett Square Cheesesteak.


Craft breweries have joined the mushroom fan-fare too, providing both good food and good brews. 

Kennett Square Creamery (401 Birch Street) resides in the previous site of the Eastern Condensed Milk company, and has a sprawling venue for meals, community and rentals. Their extensive drink menu will quench the tastes for IPAs, hard seltzers and kombucha, wine and cocktails. For specialty mushroom dishes, try the Kennett Mushroom Flatbread made with Kennett portobello mushrooms, house tomato sauce, micro arugula and provolone. The Kennett Mushroom Burger checks the boozy bug with kennett portobello mushrooms, ale braised onions and swiss cheese.

Victory Brewing Company (650 W. Cypress Street) serves their beers and cocktails brewed all over Chester County, which pairs perfectly to their KSQ Burger topped with shaved onions and bacon aioli. Their spin on grilled cheese ramps up taste, with braised mushrooms, sautéed greens, mozzarella and hot cherry peppers. Looking to share? Try their Wild Mushroom Arancini, a fried rice ball stuffed with mushrooms and served with their Brotherly Love brew-infused marinara sauce.

Braeloch Brewing (225 Birch Street) offers another chance at a burger rendition with their Kennett Burger, topped with mushroom duxelles, Swiss cheese and caramelized onions. Try their Mushroom Duxelles Flatbread for something lighter, topped with roasted garlic, Monterey Jack and chives.


Mushrooms make the perfect filler for vegetarian dishes, and these menu items are sure to satisfy any dietary choice or restrictions for diners.

Talula’s Table (102 W. State Street) sells their Vegetarian Kennett Mushroom Soup to go by the pint, but if you’d like to stay and eat in their cozy shop, they will warm it for you on the stove. 

Giordano’s Veggie Calzone is a classic take on the comfort food, stuffed with Broccoli, tomato, mushrooms, spinach, ricotta and mozzarella cheese

Victory Brewing Company’s It’s a Wrap fills a toasted tortilla with crispy cauliflower and mushrooms, cucumber, cabbage, carrots, pickled onions, scallions.

Sovana Bistro’s vegetarian Mushroom Ravioli dresses up the classic pasta dish with grilled portobello butter and aged goat romano cheese for a decadent, and delightful dish.

Quick Eats

On the run and need some fuel? Try a quick-stop option from Liberty Market Place (148 W. State Street), a cafeteria style eatery for dine-in or take-out.

Mary Pat’s Provisions, open for breakfast and lunch until 3pm, has a Mushroom Panini grilled with roasted shiitake and cremini mushrooms, arugula, truffle aioli, and Swiss cheese on a multigrain bread.

State Street Pizza has a shareable Breaded Mushroom appetizer, deep fried and served with a size of marinara sauce. Besides pizza, they also have a Mushroom and Pepper Jack Burger, and a Mushroom Cheesesteak, highlighting the star of the show on classic handhelds.

JI In Eatery, a Korean food stand in the Marketplace, offers mushrooms mixed in with their Bibimbaps in various styles including Bulgogi, Jeyuk Bokkum, Teriyaki Chicken. A Bibimbap is a mixed bowl with sautéed vegetables (carrots, spinach, pickled diakon, shiitaki mushroom, soybean sprout, zucchini) over white rice topped with a fried egg. JI In Eatery meals come with a side of miso soup & gochujang (chili garlic paste).

Sit Down

From pasta to marsala, flatbreads and of course, soup, Kennett Square’s fine dining options make it easy to create a special night out on the town and indulge in some of the finest mushroom dishes anywhere. 

La Verona’s Marsala offers a choice of Veal of Chicken, with marsala wine, mushrooms sauce, and mashed potato and vegetables as a side. Their decadent Risotto is made with porcini, portobello, cremini and black truffle mushrooms, parmesan, sun-dried tomato, and drizzled with truffle oil.

The Naked Olive’s Mushroom Velour Soup starter is a Greek take on mushroom bisque. Follow it up with their Kennett Pizza topped with mushrooms and truffle oil, or their Cavatapi A La Tartufa Pasta with creamy black truffle sauce and black tiger shrimp.

Letty’s Tavern ( 201 E. State Street) takes their own spin and spice on mushroom soup with mushroom broth, portobello, cremini, and shiitake mushrooms, chives and chili oil. Choose your mushroom-themed entrée from either their Cavatelli pasta is made with mushroom ragu and ricotta, or Mushroom Pizza made with fontina, mushroom duxelles and pan seared mushrooms.

Foxfire Restaurant at The Stone Barn has a staple Kennett Mushroom Chowder on their menu, plus a Kennett Swiss Burger featuring exotic mushrooms and a honey truffle mustard, and a Kennett Square Flatbread with marinara sauce, exotic mushrooms and mozzarella cheese topped with lemon truffle arugula and balsamic glaze.

For a seaside take on mushroom soup, try Catherine’s Restaurant (1701 W Doe Run Road) Wild Mushroom and Lump Crab Soup.