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Unionville Class of 2023 gifts Longhorn statue to the school

05/23/2023 12:23PM ● By Steven Hoffman

The Unionville High School Class of 2023 presented their senior class gift on Friday, May 19— a large, bronze Lonhorn statue. 

Students, staff and administrators gathered in front of Unionville High School for the unveiling of the new Longhorn statue, complete with the marching band, Lenny the Longhorn and confetti cannons.

The statue was gifted by Unionville’s 100th graduating class as a token of their appreciation for their school and represents the school’s nickname and mascot, the Unionville Longhorns. The class held fundraisers throughout the year to fund this monumental gift, which will serve as a legacy for the 100th graduation class of Unionville High School. 

Class of 2023 student officers, Quintan Boyle, Riley Angstadt and Ellie Almeida played a significant role in making this happen for their classmates.   

During his remarks, Unionville Senior Class President, Quintan Boyle said, “This statue is a symbol for our school that represents the perseverance of the student and the perseverance of the teachers and administrators that help us as students succeed and past students that have succeeded for the past 100 years.”

The process to make this happen was a group effort. Under the leadership of senior class advisor and UHS teacher, Alison Holmes, the students researched artists and designs and partnered with the school district’s facilities department to find the perfect location and help build the base.  With the support of UHS and district administration, and the school board, the students moved forward with this exciting project. 

After months of planning and preparation, the Unionville Longhorn statue is now in place and is visible to all visitors and students as they drive on to the school campus.