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Eric Roe endorsed as Republican nominee for Chester County Commissioner

02/21/2023 12:09AM ● By Steven Hoffman
Former Pennsylvania State Rep. Eric Roe was officially given the nod by the Republican Committee of Chester County at its endorsement convention on Feb. 15. Earning 92% of the vote of the 355 party elders in attendance, Roe was endorsed during the first round of balloting. Also endorsed was local schoolteacher David Sommers, who bested former State Rep. Duane Milne with 75% of the vote in the second round of balloting. 
“I am grateful to have the confidence of the Republican Party of Chester County,” said Roe. “I intend to make the Party proud of its decision to lend me its imprimatur.” 
Roe, 35, lives in West Bradford Township with his wife, Alice, and their four young children. “My goal is to preserve the character of our community. I want to pass on to future generations a Chester County with an abundance of preserved open spaces, so that the overdevelopment and urban sprawl we see in neighboring counties does not take over Chester County, too.” 
On the type of campaign he will run, Roe intends to keep it positive. “After last year’s politically charged midterm election, the last thing our community needs is more mudslinging and ugliness. Instead, I’ll keep it about two things: what I’ve done for us lately, and what I’ll do as a County Commissioner.” 
Roe’s track record as a state legislator includes cosponsoring and passing laws to protect victims of domestic violence, safeguarding preserved land from eminent domain, and reforming the state’s underfunded pension systems. He also introduced legislation to prohibit partisan gerrymandering by taking politicians and lobbyists out of the redistricting process. 
Next, Roe and Sommers will run in the primary election, where the Republican voters of Chester County may select up to two Republicans to proceed to the general election ballot in November.