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Penn Township makes preparations for constructing emergency operations center

02/07/2023 12:09PM ● By Steven Hoffman
Penn Township is moving forward on a plan to merge deeds on the lot at 963 W. Baltimore Pike with the adjoining township-owned property. This will legally create a larger lot for the construction of a new building that will permanently house Medic 94 and provide space for an emergency operations center at the corner of West Baltimore Pike and Jenners Pond Road. 
The facility will be constructed using $850,0000 in federal American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funds distributed through a county grant process. Designated for this purpose a requirement of the funding is that this money must be spent by June 2024. 
The township has received over $4.8 million in a variety of grants for many projects including transportation projects, infrastructure improvements, updating the township comprehensive plan and construction and improvements at the township sports park.
The board gave approval to seek a Chester County Open Space Grant of up to $250,000 for playing fields in phase three of the development of the sports park. This county grant would require the township to provide a matching amount of funding for the project.
The township also has money from the two payments of ARPA funds distributed to all municipalities in 2021 and 2022. At this point, there are not finalized plans on how that money will be used. 
The board voted to direct the Avon Grove School District to proceed with the process to dedicate a narrow strip of property on the west side of  Sunnyside Road to the township. The land is at a section where the road was widened as a part of the construction of the new high school campus. With the dedication of this strip, the entire width of the road will be covered.
The board has not taken any position on Vineyard Road or Waltman Way.
The board also heard neighbors’ complaints about trash being tossed from cars along Waltman Way and other streets around the new high school. The board is aware of the problem and encourages residents to contact the school principal with their concerns so that school’s custodial staff can address the cleanup.