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West Grove welcomes the holiday season with a visit from Santa

12/05/2022 03:09PM ● By Steven Hoffman
West Grove lit up its tree and greeted Santa Claus in a town square ceremony on Friday evening.
Shortly after the announced 6 p.m. starting time, the fire whistles blared and the yellow fire truck carrying Mr. and Mrs. Claus drove in, circled the roundabout and came to a stop.
The children in the modest crowd that had assembled expressed excitement. When the truck stopped, they rushed to greet and hug the Christmas couple.
With the help of West Grove firefighters, Mrs. Claus descended first, then held out her arms to welcome her husband down the truck steps. 
In a slight reversal of events from previous years, Mr. and Mrs. Santa strolled immediately toward the library community room, where they greeted the children, one-by-one, and listened to their holiday wishes.
In previous years Mr. and Mrs. Claus (aka Fran and Andrea Durynski) arrived after the count down to the lighting and spent time schmoozing with the crowd. Historically, they had proceeded to the nearby Garage Youth Center down the street for the party. The youth center has moved to Avondale however, so the party was moved to the library.
There was plenty for the children to partake in during their visit including a table full of candy and juices and a take-home worksheet for coloring provided by the library.
The line for Santa was orderly, with parents taking turns photographing their children on the lap of Santa or Mrs. Claus.
Mrs. Claus, ever the welcoming hostess, had compliments for each child. “I love your red coat,” and “What would you like” and “What a great idea” to the family that came with all their kids dressed in Santa Claus-themed pajamas.
Sprinkled among the young children who announced their wishes on the laps of the Clauses were a few high school groups who appeared to have come mostly to pose for Santa Claus pictures.
Returning to their cars after the Santa visit, the families were greeted by the town tree lit up.
The town Christmas tree that looks out over the parking lot has grown fatter and taller from previous years when it was called upon to replace its predecessor which had been damaged by fire. It stood sturdy, covered with lights and glowing bright when the switch was clicked.
Apparently accommodating the blistering cold, visitors with their children in wraps showed up no sooner than the announced 6 p.m. starting time. Still, they were welcomed by popular Christmas music and a greeting by West Grove Borough Council President David Prosser.