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OMI BID renewal discussed at council meeting

06/21/2022 01:48AM ● By Steven Hoffman
The first order of business at the Oxford Borough Council meeting on June 6 was the promotion of officer Joseph Devlin to the position of corporal in the Oxford Police Department. Devlin has been with the police department since 2004.
The next order of business was a discussion about the Oxford Mainstreet, Inc. (OMI) Business Improvement District renewal.  
Brian  Dix, the executive director of OMI, informed council that it will soon be time for the renewal of the Business Improvement District (BID) which ends this year. The new BID will begin in January of 2023.
Correspondence will be going out to business properties within the BID area explaining the process of BID renewal. A formal BID plan will be delivered to Oxford Borough Council and business properties in the coming months.
There was a brief discussion of the addition of one property to the BID area at the request of the business.
Those properties within the BID have had the opportunities to reap the benefits of grants through the years such as fa├žade and sign grants. The recent theatre grant is also expected to increase foot traffic throughout the downtown.
Numerous First Fridays have also proven a benefit to the businesses in town. The annual Car Show has proven to be a highly successful event for the borough as well.
New businesses continue to come to the Borough, the most recent being Neff Physical Therapy. Other new businesses are expected to open this year as well.
More information will be forthcoming on the BID renewal. For more information, contact Dix at 610-998-9494.
In other business, council approved a motion to pay Eagle Contracting Inc. Application #4 in the amount of $162,230.65 for the 2021 water main replacement project.
Council also approved the acceptance of the $2,140,166 Redevelopment Assistance Capital Program (RACP) grant award for the Historic Oxford Theater Redevelopment project on behalf of Oxford Mainstreet, Inc.
Council approved a sidewalk waiver for 247 West Locust Street and approved a sidewalk and curb waiver for 132 Lancaster Pike. 
Council also approved Flyway Construction pay application #3 in the amount of $161,708.89 and Change Order #1 in the amount of $6,613 for the Transit Center Access Improvement Project/ Streetscapes IV.
Topics for discussion in upcoming meetings include a presentation of the draft G3 green infrastructure implementation plan and the naming of pedestrian portion of  Octoraro Alley.