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Country Chrysler and Jeff D’Ambrosio Chevrolet look to donate $50,000 to Oxford Recreation Association

04/19/2022 11:49AM ● By Steven Hoffman
On the afternoon of Sept. 1, 2021, the remnants of Hurricane Ida spawned an EF-2 tornado that ripped through parts of the Oxford community. No one was injured during the storm, but some parts of the community sustained heavy damage. One area heavily damaged was the Oxford Recreation Association’s ball fields off of Hickory Hill Road.  
“Insurance covered getting our building back together,” said David Madden, the organization’s secretary, “but we were seriously short-funded in replacing the poles and lighting that were damaged and torn down.” 
Additionally, the fences and the fields themselves were damaged during the storms.
In the aftermath of the storms, the community came together to offer support and to provide assistance with the clean-up.
When Gordon Atkisson, the President of Country Chrysler, learned of the financial need of the Oxford Recreation Association he started to think of ways to help. He came up with an idea for a fundraiser.  Country Chrysler and Jeff D’Ambrosio Chevrolet will team up and donate money for each car sold during the months of March, April and May.  The hope is to raise over $50,000.
On April 6, the first of the checks was presented to the Oxford Recreation Association.